In this video, Priyananda, our Publishing Director, introduces our #lifechangingbooks campaign.

Windhorse Publications has been publishing books on mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism for 45 years.
Over that time, thousands of people’s lives have changed as a result of reading a Windhorse book.

In our #lifechangingbooks campaign we’re inviting you to:

  • join us on social media (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) to watch people talking about a Windhorse book that has changed their life
  • make and share your own video using #lifechangingbooks (Guidance for making videos)
  • donate to help us continue to publish life changing books.

Your donation will:

  • ensure life changing books such as Mind in Harmony, Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life, and Mindfully Facing Disease and Death stay in print
  • fund reprints of life changing books that are currently out of print, including Living with Awareness, Living Ethically and A Guide to the Buddhas
  • help us to publish new books with the potential to change lives, like Free Time!, The Myth of Meditation and I’ll Meet You There.